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February 12, 2012
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I Love Meat by Cynpai I Love Meat by Cynpai

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You want me to tolerate your lifestyle?

Eating meat does not make me ignorant.
It does not make me stupid.
It does not make me insensitive.
It does not make me evil.
It makes me an omnivore.
I am this way naturally.
There is nothing wrong with me, and you won't change me.

This one goes out to all the vegans and vegetarians who within minutes of entering a crowded room, announce to everyone that they are a vegan or vegetarian, for no other reason than to let everyone know. This is for all the vegans and vegetarians who can't stop preaching, even after being told that no one gives a flying fuck. But this is especially for the vegans and vegetarians who think that diets create morally superior beings, or that their choices are morally superior. You can shove your head up your ass where it belongs.

If you're a vegan or vegetarian, but do not do any of the things mentioned above, congratulations, you're not a preachy, self-righteous, attention-whoring cuntrag, and this entire stamp doesn't apply to you. Here's a cookie. :cookie:

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Stock - Texture - Meat by Staticstock-dot-com
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